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DREEMD (Dr. Elagabani & Elamthuruthil, M.D.) is a healthcare product design firm that designs, develops and provides comprehensive health products and services based on 

(1) conventional medicine

(2) established preventive and traditional health-promoting approaches, and

(3) neuropsychotherapy. 

The creative design is based on established conventional medical teachings and convinces through an evidence-based approach to develop modern routines and products that promote health while reducing and simplifying the daily effort of health care.

The company operates in four Comprehensive Health Care (CHC) areas: 

(1) Hydration

(2) Nutrition

(3) Hygiene

(4) Mental and Social Health

DREEMD further launches social, educational and cultural campaigns in cooperation with organisations, publishing houses and associations to promote comprehensive health care in society.

product lines


It is our daily duty to stay hydrated. Whilst most significant, recognizing dehydration remains a constant challenge, as it does not always only manifest in thirst. When going undetected, it can affect our mood, performance, and even our way of thinking.

As a basic health routine, it is therefore a prerequisite to care about sufficient hydration. Commonly, people actually actively dehydrate themselves by consuming certain drinks and foods or setting up stressful schedules in places where they do not have the opportunity to replenish their hydration requirements.

Water is obviously the most effective consumable to hydrate. Many people however have reservations to drink enough pure water. To this aim, DREEMD constantly tries to find ways to assist in routines assuring sufficient daily hydration. Our first product with this agenda is COFFEE WATER. While caffeine is basically a diuretic, meaning it stimulates urinating and consequently dehydration, raw coffee has the feature to prevent this effect.

DREEMD has many more products to promote hydration in the pipeline. So please be patient and follow us, as this dream of establishing a smart and abundant daily hydration routine is developed by our team for you that actually fits your modern lifestyle.


It is with awe and respect with which our DREEMD team cares to maintain the right balance of inner and outer health of our esteemed customers. As the largest organ of our body, our skin does not only convey beauty, it also assures our health.

DREEMD is dedicated to explore and exploit the natural sources of substances that protect and nurture our skin. It harbors countless fauna and flora that live with us in peaceful health-promoting symbiosis, without which we quickly slip into unhealthy skin conditions that go farther and deeper than we are far too often aware of.

Our DREEMD team especially takes up the daily challenge of the right face routine. Our products target your pores, connective tissues and sensitive follicles to give them the attention they need or even enhance their performance. Fight with us the bad creatures lurking around on our bodies trying to get a shot to plant themselves onto our temples. Let us chase together a dream of cleanliness and godliness.


Many diseases can be prevented from developing by a healthy and well-balanced diet. Consuming all necessary nutrients is as important as the right caloric intake to maintain health.

DREEMD decided to focus on the benefits of using the right spicing as a source of rare nutrients and health-promoting substances. For millennia, cultures around the world have been using spices to preserve food. They typically contain antifungal, antimicrobial, or antiparasitic features. When absorbed by our bodies, they continue to have these effects and can help us to fend off infections and inflammations.

The study of spices and herbs to discover new medicinal remedies is an ancient endeavor. DREEMD is dedicated to bringing this practice to modernity and making these secret sources of health-promoting, life-extending ingredients accessible to our modern customers. In our CHIPs (comprehensive health information packages) you will always be informed about the contents and health benefits of our spice and herb packages while combining them with your culinary explorations.

The link between our diet, mental state, mood, and intellect is too many times simply overseen. By switching to a routine of regularly turning your dishes into medicinal meals, our customers will discover an easy and efficient way to promote their health – no matter whether mental or physical – in their sometimes taxing and challenging daily lifestyles. Our team will always help you not to neglect your health while perusing your dreams and aspirations.


The DREEMD team’s mission would not be complete if we would not care about our customers healthy relationship with others as well as with themselves. There is an ancient saying about how our inner workings eventually find their way to the surface to either save or destroy us.

After learning about how our mind actually and subconsciously function, we teach our customers the daily practice of paychohygiene and tools and methods to combat or neutralise harmful mental states. It is not up to us to reinvent the natural processes of our mind. We need to recognise them, accept them and put them to use for our and our surrounding’s benefits.

Being busy is no excuse to neglect the power of our minds. Even the smallest mistake of our daily mental routine can have devastating reverberations, whenever they go unchecked over long periods. It is also never too late to turn around when our daily decisions harm us or our significant others. It is easy to turn a blind eye to detrimental behaviour, regardless if it is our own or the people we enable. Let us trust each other as we launch our journey towards a mental and social lifestyle that is not perfect, yet anyone can deem simply as healthy.

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